The Label

     antifoniq Recordings is an independent record label in Summerville, SC. Rooted in artistic freedom and a true fan of the underdog,  our mission is giving art BACK to the artist, in every aspect.  We do not attempt to own the masters to the music we produce for our clients – this (rightfully) belongs to the artist.  We do not attempt to dip into the merch or other precious revenue streams that should ONLY belong to the artist.

We do not attempt to conform music or musicians to a particular sound or industry convention – we produce the sound that YOU specify.  There are no boundaries in terms of the kinds of music we involve ourselves in producing and distributing – under this label you will find everything from rock, grungemetal, even gospel and blues, but you will also find the most EXTREME grindcore you can imagine!

We can be involved in as much, or as little, as you need – whether you just need to come in and record a track, or if you need help with distribution (ie – physical and digital), creating merch (some of which we do in-house), graphic art, etc.

Our fearless leader is Dwayne Greenhill, a musician himself, and a schooled Sound Engineer and music producer with over 20 years of experience.  He is a “ProTools Ninja” with a keen ear and a passion for creating quality music.

antifoniq Recordings strives to maintain an industry standard with state-of-the-art software & digital and analog equipment.  This provides us the tools for creating the best possible version of your music.

antifoniq Recordings

“Giving Art BACK to the ARTIST!”