James and Marytree in last week’s Seattle Times!

A couple weeks ago the Seattle Times reached out to follow up, recap the story and find out what I’ve been up to lately. In short, as the line in Shun says, “The fire is burning white like never before…” Marytree lives and breathes still, out of drive and determination, yes, but also out of stubbornness, and lots of piss and vinegar. 😉

My undying thanks to Alice for capturing this moment in time, a picture that evokes the flashing of our lives before my eyes (in a good way!), one that reminds me where we’ve been, what we’ve done, the experiences we’ve had,.  Also, my thanks to Erik Lacitis for reaching out to me, being interested in the story and taking a walk down Memory Lane with me.

Here’s the link to the Seattle Times article; be sure to read through the whole thing, I am but a brick in the wall on this one, there’s LOTS of great works with their backstories.  I am amongst good company, indeed…




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